Business Owners

Whether you already own a business or plan to start one, the decisions you make will have far-reaching implications for yourself and your family. A business consumes a large portion of your resources, time and attention throughout its lifetime, and your family’s financial security will depend on its success.

Planning for the future can protect the business you have worked so hard to build, help you achieve your business goals, and ensure your future prosperity. Your Private Wealth Advisor can introduce you to innovative, yet pragmatic solutions, wherever you happen to be within the lifecycle of your business.

Income Planning

If you have set up your business as a corporation, you can choose what type of compensation you wish to receive. You can pay yourself a business salary, receive dividends, or use a mix of both. However, there are advantages and disadvantages to receiving a salary versus dividends for business owners. Therefore, it is important to determine the type of blend that best accommodates your financial situation. We can help you evaluate the optimal mix of salary and dividend, and create a long-term savings strategy to finance your retirement.

Pre- and Post-sale Planning

When it’s time to exit a business, we can help from the initial stages of assessing ownership structures to evaluating financing solutions to facilitating the sale in accordance with your goals.

Afterwards, we can guide you with managing and investing the capital proceeds. Selling a business involves multiple moving parts, and we will help you outline each of them, analyze them in the context of the big picture, and manage them appropriately.

Tax and Estate Planning

The decision to exit a business can be very complex and could be aided by the use of tax-efficient structures, such as trusts and insurance instruments. We can help you understand your options and better facilitate your wealth preservation and legacy goals.

Professional Network

We can connect you to key specialists in various financial services areas, as well as third-party referrals within the accounting and wealth management industries.

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