Financial Planning

We can help you evaluate whether your financial plan is suitable for your stated retirement objectives, and whether there is a better alternative. If you are asking this question, you almost certainly have doubts about the plan’s performance, risk exposure or annual cost.

Perhaps you are managing the plan itself and want to know if you are on the right track, or maybe you are working with a professional and wondering if the plan is best serving your interests.

Our advisors will review your plan for critical mistakes and opportunities of improvement. When analyzing a plan, our team will assess the following factors:


We will calculate what your annual fees are and will assess their impact on the long-term performance of your plan. We will highlight what is included in these fees and whether there are any hidden charges you need to be aware about.

Strategy Selection

We are going to evaluate whether your plan is well diversified and will point out any unnecessary concentration or redundant overlap in strategies. Additionally, we will evaluate whether your strategy mix supports your stated objectives.

Account Setup

We will assess whether your accounts are set up appropriately to avoid or defer unnecessary investment income taxes now or in the future. This analysis will allow us to point out which components of your portfolio should be kept in each of your investment accounts?

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