Corporate Professionals and Executives

As a corporate executive, you have distinct financial needs that change and evolve over time. Your personal wealth will be inextricably linked to the fate of your company. Your investment portfolio may be heavily weighted towards employer stock and stock options that are subject to frequently changing rules. You most probably spend so much time at work that you have little left over to focus on your retirement income plan.

Whether you are accumulating wealth through various group plans, or are saving mostly through non-registered accounts, our advisory team can help guide you through the development of a comprehensive financial plan.

Tax Planning

From growing your assets, to managing them in retirement, taxes can have a meaningful effect on your finances. Through our tax planning services, one of our wealth advisors will work closely with you and your chosen tax professional to incorporate tax planning into your overall financial plan.

We can help you explore strategies to minimize taxable investment income and take maximum advantage of tax-deferred savings.

Retirement Compensation Arrangements

We can help you maximize the value of executive compensation plans. Whether your compensation plan includes restricted stock, options, deferred compensation, or retirement plans, we have the expertise and experience to help you make informed decisions to maximize its value while minimizing taxes and managing overall risk. We also assist those who are internationally mobile and might have assets spanning more than one jurisdiction, and as a consequence might have more complex wealth planning needs.

Early Retirement

Working as a corporate executive is a critical yet exhausting job filled with client meetings, travel and stress. It is possible that you end up retiring early either because of career shifts or simply because you are tired. In addition, thanks to medical advancements and longer life expectancies, retirement can last as long or even longer than your working years.  Regardless of what your goals are, we could help you understand and mitigate the risk of running out of capital in retirement.

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