Tax and Estate Planning

A carefully designed tax planning strategy is essential to grow and preserve the wealth you have accumulated while reducing your tax burden. Our advisors can walk you through the most common rules and tax planning opportunities that may be available to you. Investing the time to understand the basics can pay off substantially in tax savings and in the organization of your financial affairs.

Income Splitting

A well-accepted tax-planning method, reallocating income from a family member in a high tax bracket to one in a lower tax bracket can result in higher after-tax income. Even though income attribution rules restrict the number of income-splitting opportunities available, there are still a number of simple ways of splitting income with family members our advisors can explore with you.

Reducing Tax on Investment Income

Recognizing that capital gains from investable assets and investment income (interest, domestic and foreign dividends) are taxed differently is key to optimizing the after-tax rate of return of your portfolio. With this in mind, we can evaluate which types of income you should prioritize at different stages of your life.

Estate Planning

Once you have achieved your personal financial goals, your priorities might shift from accumulating wealth to protecting it and taking steps to help the people and causes you care about benefit from your success. It is also natural that the more one ages, the more important creating a meaningful financial legacy becomes. No matter what you want to accomplish, our advisors can guide you through the broad range of trust and insurance strategies and solutions that are available to you.

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