We are a full-service financial planning firm located in Oakville, Ontario. We started the firm with the idea that people need clear and objective advice that will make them better stewards of their wealth. Our firm is employee-owned and independent. We are not part of a bank, insurance company or a Bay Street corporation, and we have no proprietary conflicts of interest.

We always put the interests of our clients first and take great pride in the quality of our work.

We recognize that trust is the foundation of all aspects of our business and being trustworthy is crucial to our very existence as an organization. We value the trust that is placed with us when clients take our advice, and we constantly work to enhance and preserve it. Our reputation is one of our greatest assets – as long as we continue to serve our clients with integrity, transparency, and commitment, our success will follow.

We provide customized financial planning to help our clients grow their capital and facilitate their short- and long-term financial objectives. Our wealth advisors work with a diverse range of individual retail clients, small businesses, and recent retirees.

Our value proposition rests on attentive client service, comprehensive risk management, and the ability to identify unorthodox solutions to complicated situations while taking into account our clients’ unique circumstances.

We Are Trusted by More Than 250 Clients

Our clients come first, and we work hard every day to ensure our clients achieve their goals. We believe that the client-advisor connection is a two-way relationship. By adhering to all our business principles, we continuously build trust with our clients and enhance their financial well being. Integrity, transparency, and our work values are at the core of what we do every step of the way.

The Essential Retirement Guide

How do you determine how much income you need in retirement? What are the most common income sources in retirement? How can cash distributions and inflation impact your retirement savings? We answer those and other questions in our complimentary eBook.

We deliver the greatest value when we focus on complex situations that require our expertise. Our typical clients are business owners who are looking to simplify their finances, corporate executives, and professionals who are either retired or want to know they could retire one day.

We work with diligent savers who want to delegate their financial and retirement planning to an expert, so they can focus on the other aspects of their life that matter most to them. We also help professionals who want to increase their savings by having a dedicated team build and monitor their plan.

Corporate Professionals and Executives
Business Owners
Recent Retirees

In an increasingly more complex financial world, we will help you simplify and clarify your financial plans and goals. Through our workshops and seminars, we will provide you with the knowledge you need to be in control of your future.

Check our calendar periodically to stay up to date on our workshops schedule. Be a part of webinars, conferences, speaker series, and other classes to enhance your financial knowledge and skills.

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